Centrix is a hosted software platform providing a centralised environment for storing, accessing & processing acquired data. Accessible through any modern web browser, Centrix provides advanced graphical replay, analysis and fault detection capabilities for your data.

Interlocking & level crossing graphical replay

Graphical replay
  • Web-based replay - Playback from virtually anywhere using your web browser
  • User editable, drag-and-drop map designer
  • Concise listing of all monitored relay events
  • Logic analyser to confirm sequencing and timing
  • Create bookmarks to quickly navigate back to an incident/fault

Fault detection & alerts

Alerts framework
  • Find & Fix - Get alerted to faults and incidents as soon as they occur
  • Predict & Prevent - Spot asset deterioration and fix before failure
  • Powerful e-mail alert notification schemes to keep you in control of alert frequency
  • Add scheduled or repeating maintenance periods to automatically suppress alerts for selected assets

Analogue & points trace replay

Capture trace replay & overlay
  • Add replay and analysis of all manner of analogue data sources into your sites
  • Display and overlay multiple analogue input channels on a single graph
  • Mark baseline trace(s) to see degradation since maintenance/installation

Statistical reporting

Statistical reporting
  • Run reports on acquired data
  • Export results for further offline processing

Product links

User guide
Release summary

System requirements

› 512MB RAM (1GB recommended)
› 128MB graphics memory
› Adobe® Flash® Player 10.2+
› Mozilla Firefox 3+ (or)
› Microsoft Internet Explorer 8+ (or)
› Google Chrome

This is definitely what I call progress, to be able to view events in virtually real time is something that every engineer should have, not only to assist in locating faults but also for identifying developing trends.

Stephen M Hall, Principal Signalling Support Technician, Network Rail

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