Power Generation Monitoring

MPEC Power Generation Monitoring is a hardware + software solution designed to provide continuous monitoring of key assets.

  • Real Time Monitoring - immediately see what’s trending at any moment and view the impact to your business
  • Plug and Play - simple installation, rapid deployment, low cost
  • Trends Data - view historical and current data for all your assets on the same screen
  • Tracks and Reports - give your customers up to date and accurate information
  • Service Interval Planning - reduces the cost of your maintenance activity
  • Alerts and Alarms - Notifications straight to your mobile device
  • Web-based Graphical Replay - View system state at a glance, instantly, from any modern browser.
  • Simple User Interface - Use drag and drop technology to build powerful visualisations.
  • Health Monitoring Dashboards - Create Dashboards aggregating alarm information from multiple sites to easily discern any issues right as they occur.

View the state of the complete system at a glance

  • View from 1 to 1000s of parameters and data channels on a single screen using a user configurable data map.
  • Editable using a simple drag-and-drop interface.
  • View both the live system state or historical states by simply selecting a time.
  • Set up alarms and notifications against all parameters.

Easily view historical data and current trends

  • View data over seconds/minutes/days and months.
  • All data stored in the Centrix Cloud.
  • Access your data from any modern web browser.

Notifications straight to your mobile device

  • Set up alarms on any channel to alert you whenever problems are detected.
  • Alarms can be configured to send instant notifications to any mobile device or email inbox.
  • All your alarms and their alert states can also be viewed in any browser.
  • Reduces engineer frustration and downtime.

Aggregate alarm information from multiple sites

  • Easily create simple dashboards to show the status of multiple sites at once.
  • Sites can be grouped however you like - geographically, customer zones etc.
  • Drill down on any site or group of sites to see more detailed alarm information.