Signalling datalogger for relay-based interlockings and level crossings. With duplicated storage, up to 3072* tightly synchronised channels and a capacity of 15 million events, the SA380 is the natural solution for judicial event recording.

  SA380 SA380
Digital inputs 48 - 384 48 - 192 48 - 192
GSM modem Yes (optional) Yes (optional) Yes (optional)
PSTN modem Yes (optional) Yes (optional) Yes (optional)
Ethernet Yes Yes Yes
Built-in UPS Yes (6 hours) Yes (6 hours) Yes (6 hours)
Networkable Yes Yes Yes
Duplicate storage Yes Yes Yes
Touchscreen display Yes Yes Yes
Ruggedised handles/feet No No Yes


The SA380 has been designed specifically to meet the stringent safety requirements of railway signalling applications. All digital and analogue input channels are opto-isolated to a minimum of 1kV.

Cost savings

The deployment of the SA380 is the most cost-effective data logging solution, from level crossing to major interlocking schemes. Key savings are offered from:

  • Ease of installation
  • Low maintenance
  • Integration of UPS, modem, display and input cards


The SA380 is easy to use, with all functionality integrated into one compact unit. A breakout board is available to enable simple connection to signalling relays. The unit is designed to fit the standard bars found in relay rooms and location cases.

*3072 channels enabled by networking up to 8 units in a master-slave environment