An industry first, the SA380-IT Insulation monitor device allows the continuous monitoring of resistance to earth of five independent bus-bar feeds; AC or DC; up to 160V RMS.

The SA380-IT features a precision earth-loop tester to continuously monitor the earthing integrity of the electrical installation.

The SA380-IT is available in a compact BR930 / Q Style case and includes GSM and Ethernet communications as standard.

Monitor Five Bus-Bars
Monitor resistance-to-earth of up to five independent bus-bar feeds on a single device. AC or DC, up to 160V RMS.

Earth-Loop Measurement
Need to know that your installation has a “good-earth”? The SA380-IT features an intergral earth-loop tester that continuously checks earth continuity.

Digital & Serial Output
RS485 communications and a volt-free contact output allow connection of the SA380-IT to supplementary data-logging devices. An invaluable tool to aid tracking down intermittent earth faults.

Integrated Communications
Integral GSM/GPRS modem and Ethernet port allows connection to Enterprise Condition Monitoring “back-office” systems and provides a means of direct access, either on, or off-site.

Long-Term Trends, Short-Term Diagnosis
As an RCM device, the SA380-IT enables off-site long-term trending and supervision of your power supply assets, allowing you to plan, predict and prevent.

Connect on-site via laptop or iPhone and the SA380-IT becomes a powerful real-time tool to aid in fault finding and repair of damaged cables

Industrial Performance & Peace of Mind
Engineered to withstand Overvoltage CAT IV and Pollution Degree 3 environments, the SA380-IT complies with environmental, electrical and EMC standards for railway signalling, industrial instrumentation and earth leakage equipment.

A BR930 / Q Style enclosure and the fact that all terminations fall within the envelope of the BR930/ Q Style crimp positions ensures trouble free fitment.