An industrial data acquisition unit for rail applications. It can be thought of as a ruggedised remote control oscilloscope. It combines isolated analogue and digital inputs, power outputs, UPS, Ethernet/GPS/GPRS/3G communications, HTTP/SOAP web server and comprehensive local touchscreen diagnostics in a compact package the size of a BR930 (Q-style) relay.

The SA380TX is designed to connect any type of trackside sensor to server-based supervisory and diagnostics systems.

  • Track circuits
  • Points condition
  • Rail temperature
  • Cut track section monitoring
  • Auto signal / SFI investigation
  • Insulation monitoring
SA380TX mounting

Mounts on standard location case relay bars

All data is buffered internally in a large Flash memory so it is immune to power outages and communications failures. In addition, data can be stored on an external USB memory key which can be read by any computer with a USB socket.

The SA380TX provides a simple, cost-effective solution to integrate the infrastructure of today with the remote monitoring systems of the future.