The TX-L is the latest addition to the SA380 family of precision data acquisition systems designed for the unique railway environment. It shares much of the design philosophy of the SA380 and SA380TX with all the electrical isolation, rugged form and ease of installation and use that is now expected of these products.

The TX-L is designed to connect any type of trackside asset to server-based supervisory and diagnostics systems, such as:

  • Track circuits
  • Points condition
  • Digital AF track circuits
  • Insulation monitors
SA380TX-L mounting

Mounts on standard location case relay bars

The unit features two analogue and four digital inputs as standard. In many monitoring situations, this is all that is required and so the lowest-cost version of the unit can be used, without having to pay for additional input cards.

The "L" in TX-L stands for "lean" - part count has been reduced by 30% compared to the TX, bringing together higher reliability, lower environmental impact and lower cost. Despite these economies the TX-L boasts improvements, such as greater sampling accuracy.