The VTI21 has been designed for the monitoring of railway assets that require high-speed sampling and/or multiple input channels. The VTI21 contains an on-board microprocessor that takes raw incoming waveforms and derives computed values that are most relevant from a condition based maintenance perspective. The VTI21 can derive many output parameters from the source waveforms and all of these parameters can be output over the RS485 data link to a connected MPEC data logger.

AC Vane Relay
Perfect for determining the true instantaneous torque of AC vane relays, plus phase relationship, RMS coil currents and waveform quality outputs.

EbiTrack / TI21
Monitor two track circuits, measuring quantities such as sideband ratio, average current and centre frequency.

FS2500 / FS2600
Monitor two track circuits, measuring quantities such as sideband currents, average current in- band and out-of-band RMS currents and spectral content.

High Voltage Impulse
Monitor two track circuits, measuring average current, duty cycle, frequency and pulsed power.

AC Switch Machine
Monitor single phase or three phase AC switch machines. The VTi21 will report waveforms for all phases and provide direction of switch movement.

General Purpose AC Monitoring
Simply monitor the AC draw of any two conductors in any circuit of interest.

Master-Slave Operation:

Connect up to 7 x VTi21 per SA380TX

4-20mA Operation:

Point-to-Point Operation via Industry Standard 4-20mA Output