Track Circuit Condition Monitoring

Tracking Safety Functionality, Remotely

Track Circuits provide a critical safety function in rail signalling systems. This is imperative to protect customers, workers and the assets themselves.

Remote monitoring can identify:

  • Leaf-fall
  • Failed transmitters
  • Damaged cables
  • Failing cable terminations
  • IBJ faults
  • Damaged fish plates
  • And more

The Solution

Track switch condition monitoring provides maintenance teams detailed, near real-time information about the status of track circuit assets. This can lead to:

  • Enhanced tactical awareness
  • Support and adoption of a condition-based maintenance regime.

This data is then passed to Centrix for automated analysis - this is our cloud-based remote condition monitoring platform.

Using cutting edge machine learning tools and statistical techniques, it can identify anomalous data. If found, they can send alerts about any faults as they develop.

The SA380-series and VTI-series dataloggers can collect electrical performance data from all types of track circuit. This includes, but is not limited, to:

  • Traditional DC tracks
  • EbiTrack 200/400
  • High voltage impulse (HVI)
  • Reed tracks

Key features

  • Turn-key solution using SA380TX, SLI, and VTI series dataloggers and Centrix
  • Highly customisable datalogger configuration
  • Compatible with all types of track circuit
  • GSM and Ethernet comms
  • Cutting edge analysis of points data
  • Fully configurable alert regime