MPEC specialises in remote condition monitoring technology, providing industrial data acquisition units designed for the unique safety and environmental requirements of the rail industry.

In addition to providing ruggedised hardware systems, MPEC have developed advanced server systems to provide graphical replay, analysis and fault prevention on acquired data.


24 April 2020 - New VTi21 Variants Announced
Mpec are pleased to announce new applications for the VTi21. These include Aster track circuits, UM71 track circuits, Reed track circuits and Reed FDM systems.

21 August 2017 - SA380-IT Trial Underway
A substantial trial of the SA380-IT Multiple Bus-Bar Insulation Monitor is underway in partnership with Network Rail.

18 July 2016 - VTI21 Smart Sensor Product Launch
MPEC is pleased to announce the launch of a new product for the railway market; the VTi21 Smart Sensor.

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What can we do for you?

MPEC hardware & software have been designed to be highly configurable and expandable to provide end-to-end condition monitoring solutions for many different applications. Here are just a handful of applications currently in use:-

Track Points/Switch Condition Monitoring

Predict and prevent faults with points motors, locking mechanism and detection relays.

Interlocking Relay Monitoring, Replay & Fault Detection

Securely store and inspect state of interlocking relays through graphical track maps. Set-up alerts to detect faults, signalling and driver errors.

Track Circuit Condition Monitoring

Predict and prevent faults with track circuits, insulated block joints & relay voltage.

TDM & SSI Monitoring, Replay & Fault Detection

Safely extract, store and inspect state of TDM & SSI links through graphical track & indication maps. Set-up alerts to detect faults and errors.