VTI21 Smart Sensor

VTI21 Smart Sensor

Sensor for high-speed sampling

The VTI21 Sensor logo

This specialist device combines analogue sensors with digital signal processing to analyse the performance of many track-circuit types, including AC, audio-frequency, and HVI.

The on-board processor calculates key performance metrics of complex input signals, which are reported to a datalogger either over RS485 serial, or a low- frequency analogue output.

VTI21 Sensor system

Key features

Track circuits currently covered by the VTi21 include:

  • HVI Track Circuits
  • VT1 / AC Vane Relay
  • EbiTrack 200 / 300 / 400
  • FS2600
  • UM71
  • Aster / TI21
  • CVCM
  • Reed Track Circuits