TDM, SSI & Serial Data Monitoring

TDM, SSI & Serial Data Monitoring

Monitoring serial feeds to reduce service disruption

Monitoring the status of critical railways assets from serial data feeds not only increases their lifespan, but can significantly reduce delays and disruption. With such a system in place, preventative maintenance interventions can be executed ahead of equipment failure.

TDM SSI serial data monitoring system

The Solution

Data feeds from signalling equipment can be sent directly to our Centrix RCM platform for analysis. This can include:

  • SSI Data links
  • TDM Systems
  • Axle Counters
  • Level Crossing Controllers / Event Recorders
  • Other equipment with serial or Ethernet connectivity

This data is captured by our isolated, non-intrusive S-LX system, and can be viewed online within seconds.

Rich graphical and interactive analysis tools on Centrix unlock the value of diagnostic data from existing equipment.