VTI21 Smart Sensor

Sensor for High-Speed Sampling

This specialist sensor monitors railway assets that require high-speed sampling and/or multiple input channels. We developed the VTI21 to contain an on-board microcomputer. This can derive many output parameters from source waveforms, ensuring it captures accurate data. All of these parameters can be output over the RS485 data link to a connected MPEC data logger, making for an easy pairing of sensor and logger. This sensor significantly broadens the coverage of assets that data loggers can collect data from.

Key features

Track Circuits currently covered by the VTi21 include:

  • HVI Track Circuits
  • VT1 / AC Vane Relay
  • EbiTrack 200 / 300 / 400
  • FS2600
  • UM71
  • Aster / TI21
  • CVCM
  • Reed Track Circuits