Centrix RCM Platform

Centrix is a hosted software platform providing a centralised environment for storing, accessing & processing acquired data. Accessible through any modern web browser, Centrix provides advanced graphical replay, analysis and fault detection capabilities for your data.

See Centrix product page for more information.

SA380 Signalling Data Logger

Signalling datalogger for relay-based interlockings and level crossings. With duplicated storage, up to 3072* tightly synchronised channels and a capacity of 15 million events, the SA380 is the natural solution for judicial event recording.

See SA380 product page for more information.

SA380TX Series RCM Data Loggers

Industrial data acquisition units for rail applications. These can be thought of as a ruggedised remote control oscilloscope. The SA380TX series is designed to connect any type of trackside sensor to server-based supervisory and diagnostics systems.

See SA380TX series product page for more information.

SA380-IT Insulation Monitor Device

An industry first, the SA380-IT Insulation monitor device allows the continuous monitoring of resistance to earth of five independent bus-bar feeds; AC or DC; up to 160V RMS.

See SA380-IT product page for more information.

Power Generation Monitoring

MPEC Power Generation Monitoring is a hardware & software solution designed to provide continuous monitoring of key power generation assets.

See Power Generation Monitoring product page for more information.

VTI21 Smart Sensor

The VTI21 has been designed for the monitoring of railway assets that require high-speed sampling and/or multiple input channels. The VTI21 can derive many output parameters from the source waveforms and all of these parameters can be output over the RS485 data link to a connected MPEC data logger.

See VTI21 product page for more information.

HZS232 RS232 to RS485 Snooper

The "HZS232 RS232 to RS485 snooper" facilitates the monitoring of a full-duplex RS232 link in a minimally intrusive and low risk manner. It is designed primarily for the monitoring of data links in safety critical, high reliability systems, such as Railway Signalling TDM control systems.

See HZS232 product page for more information.