Level Crossing Event Monitoring

Monitoring High Risk Critical Infrastructure Points

Level Crossings are one of the most high risk points on any rail network. This comes back to the interactions between rail assets and the public, on both highways and footways. Monitoring these critical infrastructure points for judicial purposes ensures that, in the event of an incident or allegation, the network operator can easily investigate.

It's vital this process is efficient and effective, with confidence in the data being used. The data generated at level crossings can also be used to monitor condition and performance. This in turn reduces the requirement for in-person checks.

The metrics that can measured include:

  • Barrier movement times
  • Strike-in/strike-out times
  • Barrier angle
  • Barrier motor currents
  • Local track circuit occupancy
  • Signal behaviour
  • Other associated digital data

The Solution

An event data logging process, using via SA380 series data loggers, can monitor level crossing performance. This information can then be passed on, by remote connection, to our Centrix database system.:

Connection to our platform enables the remote monitoring of level crossings. Not only does this provide performance data, but it can also be used to investigatie of incidents. Centrix features data replay functionality, including graphical representations. All this can be used for judicial purposes too.

We have unrivalled experience in this field, monitoring over 100 Level Crossings across the UK.

Key features

  • Event recording and analogue data collection with SA380 series dataloggers
  • Highly customisable datalogger configuration
  • Compatibility with all types of level crossing
  • GSM and Ethernet comms
  • Cutting edge analysis of level crossing data
  • Fully configurable alert regime
  • Graphical replay of level crossing data for fault and incident investigation