Power Supply Monitoring

Monitoring Earth Resistance and System Voltage

Monitoring earth resistance and system voltage using our SA380-IT units allows engineers to remotely monitor and identify:

  • Potential earthing faults
  • Overloaded or failing power supplies before they cause a significant failure.

Monitoring can be performed across a wide range of railway assets.

The Solution

The data from SAT380-IT data loggers can be fed into our monitoring platform, Centrix.

Automated alarm settings in Centrix can be enabled to send alerts when anomalies are captured in the data. This ensures that intermittent faults can be identified - ones that could normally be missed during scheduled site visits.

Reducing the reliance on these traditional, manual inspections can save both money and time.

All of this system has been developed in-house, and has been granted Network Rail product approval.

Key features

  • Event recording and analogue data collection with SA380 series dataloggers
  • Highly customisable datalogger configuration
  • Compatibility with all types of level crossing
  • GSM and Ethernet comms
  • Cutting edge analysis of level crossing data
  • Fully configurable alert regime
  • Graphical replay of level crossing data for fault and incident investigation