TDM, SSI & Serial Data Monitoring

Monitoring Serial Feeds to Reduce Service Disruption

Monitoring the status of critical railways assets from serial data feeds not only increases their lifespan, but can significantly reduce delays and disruption. With such a system in place, preventative maintenance interventions can be executed ahead of equipment failure.

The Solution

TData feeds from sites can be funneled straight into our Centrix database system. This enables remote monitoring, along with the investigation of serial data. This can include:

  • Time D M signalling system
  • Solid State Interlockings
  • ModBus data feeds

These serial data feeds can be monitored using our S-LX logger or the SA380-SSI.

Interpretation and presentation of serial feeds within the Centrix system ensure value is realised from diagnostic data that is produced by systems including PLC's, Solid-State Interlocking systems and Axle Counters.