Introducing our SA380-IT

01 December 21

This industry-first insulation monitoring device was developed in partnership with Network Rail and was a great opportunity to build something to a demanding specification.

Our SA380-IT device monitors electrical insulation and system voltage across a range of railway assets. This helps to track and regulate them, mitigating the potential risk of faults.

This device continuously monitors voltage and resistance to earth of:

  • Five independent bus-bar feeds

  • AC or DC on any input

  • 5-second response time


As an RCM device, the SA380-IT enables off-site long-term trending and supervision of your power supply assets, allowing you to plan, predict and prevent.

Connect on-site via Bluetooth and the SA380-IT becomes a powerful real-time tool to aid in fault finding and repair of damaged cables

No special tools, dongles, cables, or knowledge are required. It's the powerful insulation tester that is already in your pocket!

Fault Reporting

Transient earth leakage faults are the hardest to find and fault on railway infrastructure.

By leveraging SA380-IT units connected to MPEC's Centrix platform, you can correlate the transient earth fault with other railway events and use this information to determine which cable or item of equipment carries the fault.

Below we can see a fault occurring each time a barrier movement is made at a crossing as well as long-term trends.

Fault reporting graph