Our Environmental Management System has been certified to ISO 14001

23 October 23

AC Approachable Registered UKAS Management Systems 8320.

Tracsis plc. is pleased to announce that our Environmental Management System (EMS) has been certified to the ISO 14001 standard following an ambitious six-month implementation programme.

The certification recognises that Tracsis plc. has the necessary processes, procedures, and objectives in place for managing environmental practices and improving our environmental impact to an internationally recognised standard.

‘Tracsis is committed to delivering sustainable growth, and ensuring that our products, services and activities all make positive contributions to the world around us.’ said Chris Barnes, CEO of Tracsis plc. ’Securing ISO14001 accreditation for our environmental management system is an important step towards achieving our goal of being carbon neutral by 2030’.

Certification applies to the whole of Tracsis Plc - all employees, undertaking any type of work activity in all geographical locations - UK, Ireland, and the US.

The key to the implementation and ongoing success of the system is the support and involvement from appointed Environmental Champions who are assisting in the day to day running of the EMS at each site-based location.

Tracsis plc’s future environmental objectives include:

  • Reducing energy usage and switching to renewable energy sources

  • Managing waste in a sustainable manner to reduce the amount sent to landfill and its associated emissions

  • Reducing personal and business travel to decrease the company's carbon impact

  • Electrification of the operational fleet