Industrial Datalogger with Multiple Applications

Our industrial data acquisition units use ruggedised remote control oscilloscope technology, specially designed to monitor a range of rail assets and applications. The SA380TX series is highly versatile, having been designed to connect any type of trackside sensor to server-based supervisory and diagnostics systems.

Key features

The broad range of asset types and data feeds it monitors includes:

  • Points motor current and voltage
  • Detection relay states
  • Locking mechanisms
  • Hydraulic pressure on clamp lock type points
  • Air slow and pressure on pneumatic flow type points
  • Switch drive force via load pins
  • Vibrations via accelerometer
  • Oil levels on clamp lock type points
  • Point swing times
  • Windspeed
  • External and location temperature
  • DC & AC track circuit currents (see VTi21 for full list of AC and audio frequency tracks monitored)

We have supplied over 15,000 TX and TX-L loggers across the UK, USA, Australia, Singapore and Hong Kong.

However, we're not stopping here - we continue to expand the asset types monitored by our loggers. And to ensure our users get the highest level of value, we provide support throughout the lifetime of these products.