New VTi21 Variants Announced

Mpec are pleased to announce new applications for the VTi21.

A complete list of VTi21 applications are listed below:

Mpec Part No. NR Cat. No.
VT1 AC Vane Relay VTI21-TI21 0086/036423
TI21 Track Circuit VTI21-TI21 NA
FS2500 Track Circuit VTI21-FS25 NA
FS2600 Track Circuit VTI21-FS26 0086/036426
HVI Track Circuit VTI21-HVI 0086/036431
AC Sensing to 25A RMS VTI21-ACS 0086/036429
Aster Track Circuit VTI21-ASTER 0086/036432
Reed Track Circuit VTI21-REED 0086/036433
UM71 Track Circuit VTI21-UM71 NA
Reed FDM Monitor VTI21-RFDM NA

In addition, the VTi21 is now field-programmable, allowing VTi21 devices to receive firmware updates in service. VTi21 devices may also be re-purposed to new assests should re-deployment be required.

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