Datalogger for Interlockings and Level Crossings

SA380 is our signalling datalogger for relay-based interlockings and level crossings. These data loggers capture all vast amounts of data on these assets, allowing you to closely monitor their performance and mitigate excessive downtime.

Key features

  • Duplicated storage
  • Up to 3072 tightly synchronised channels
  • Capacity of 15 million events

The SA380 is also dual purpose. It's the natural solution for judicial event recording and logging of relay actions. You can read more about this here.

With over 3,000 SA380 units installed across the UK, we have unparalleled experience and understanding of event logging requirements.

The SA380 has successfully been in service for over 15 years, delivering reliable and accurate data for our customers. This system remains fully supported by our in-house embedded development team, and continues to be relevant and resilient.